We know that there are huge talented and skilled candidates lacking for a good opportunity, on the same side good companies also find harsh to get appropriate, skilled, talented and suitable candidate for their respected business process. This is a sort of challenge lies in finding the appropriate candidate who will really meet the requirements and take the organization a step ahead towards success by integrating his talent and skills.

Ascensive Consulting Firm (ACF) gets you the expertise team of work in order to meet the required skills and talent for your organization. Our team hardship, years of experience and our tools and techniques makes it possible to enroll the right candidate for any and from any part of the nation.

Ascensive Consulting Firm (ACF) moves on the flexible model of staff selection procedure like STAR (situation, task, action and result) which is very effective in providing temporary and permanent staff across a wide range of skill- for a variety of industry sectors. We deal with the entire HR process right from recruitment and selection, on-boarding, payroll, compliance and provide our proper HR support to help retain them during the contract period.

We deal with our specialized executive search and recruitment techniques in search of top-level professionals at Senior and middle levels across the wide range of industries including IT, Non-IT, ITES etc.